Eyebrow Shaving

Top Four Reasons to Seek Alternatives to Eyebrow Shaving

Though shaving your eyebrows might seem like a quick fix for overgrown hairs, think twice. Here are four excellent reasons to seek an alternative method of brow shaping:

1. When you remove the whole hair follicle with other methods of brow shaping, the hairs grow back with natural-looking results. When you shave, you cut the hair bluntly at the skin line, and anyone looking will recognize the sharp edge of stubble right away.

2. Along those same lines, by cutting at the skin line, you are guaranteeing yourself constant upkeep and maintenance. Shaved hair will be visible much sooner as it grows back, sometimes in only a day or two.

3. The entire brow area has paper-thin skin that is easily nicked or scraped by a razor’s blade. While you can cover up a little oops on other body parts, the area around your eyes is not easily concealed if you make a mistake.

4. You would have to use shaving cream in order to have any hope of preventing red razor bumps on this delicate skin, so consider this: if you struggle to keep your brows even when you wax or tweeze, how much harder will it be when you cover the area with fluffy white foam?

If you are convinced that eyebrow shaving is the best route to take, use these tips for optimal results:

1. Shave your eyebrows after you shower, so they are super hydrated, and the steam will soften and plump the hair for easier removal.

2. Use a very clean, very sharp razor, so you can take only one stroke without fear of infection.

3. Choose shaving cream instead of soap, to prevent getting chemicals in your eyes, and shaving cream is most likely to stay put.

4. Leave some time between shaving and putting on your makeup, so you won’t have to worry about irritated and clogged pores.

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