NEET Hair Removal

NEET Hair Removal for a No-Pain Option

NEET Hair Removal products are designed to gently dissolve the entire shaft of hair in the area where the cream is applied. Known as a chemical depilatory, these were very unpopular at one time for their unpleasant smell, vaguely reminiscent of rotting eggs. Depilatories have long since shaken the bad odor, now lightly scented with the same fragrances as deodorants and shaving gels. Kits come with all the tools you need to apply the cream, let sit for three minutes, and then wipe it away with special equipment that takes the softened hair along.

The cost of NEET is equivalent to the price of shaving with quality blades; however the effects last much longer. The savings and convenience of less frequent application is attractive to many consumers struggling with unwanted hair. Because it is safe to use for anyone, regardless of age, many parents prefer it for teenagers as a safer alternative to shaving. The only restriction of note is to stay out of the sun for 24 hours, and to hold off on using soap to wash the treated areas until the next time you shower.

There are a few precautions to observe, in order to ensure your use of NEET hair removal products are successful. First, before you apply the depilatory to large portions of your skin, test a small patch, then wait 24 hours to verify you will not have an allergic reaction. Second, if your first use does not eliminate all unwanted hair, you may wish to reapply for a longer period. Be sure that you wait 72 hours before trying again, and do not leave the product on your skin for more than the maximum recommendation time of six minutes. Finally, read the instructions carefully, and follow them closely – particularly the portion about cleaning up and washing your hands when you have completed the application process. While NEET is safe to use, it is a chemical product, and it is important to keep it from transferring to your eyes, nose, and mouth.

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