Shaving The Penis

Shaving the penis is a very important aspect of being a man. In fact, for the modern man, penis shaving is just a normal chore, like beard shaving or nail cutting. This is because, although hair helps insulate and prevent excessive friction in the groin area, when in excess, hair around the penis is not at all enchanting. This therefore, causes the need for shaving to reduce the amount of hair covering the penis. Some of the benefits that are associated with shaving the penis include:

1. Cutting the penis hair generally improves the penis size outlook, conceivably adding a few inches to the length based on appearance. This has tremendous effects on the confidence of the man, increasing sexual virility and performance.

2. Shaving the penis also improves the hygienic conditions surrounding the penis, according to medical experts. Apparently, hair accumulates sweat, which increases the odor around the groin area, which negatively impacts sociability and health.

3. It is generally cheaper compared to other hair removal methods like scrubbing, etc.

Penis shaving procedure

1. The first step to shave the penis is purchasing a great shaving razor for the scrotal area. The best razor for shaving penis hair is that whose size is at least ¼ inches. There are several shaving razors on the market and by doing some research you should easily find a suitable razor.

2. After that, take a long warm shower to open the hair follicles on the hair surrounding your penis. After approximately three minutes get yourself in position most probably in a bath tub or bathroom.

3. If you’re a first timer, it is best to start by reducing the size of hair on the penis with an ordinary scissor. After that, apply an adequate amount of shaving cream on the penis, more preferably, a mildly perfumed one.

4. Start shaving with the shaving razor in gentle, but complete strokes. You may need to pull your penis on the side to shave in the grooves. After you’re done with shaving most of it, remove the hairs with water to determine the remaining patches of hair missed.

5. After the missed spots have been identified, apply more shaving cream and shave the remaining hair. Proceed and wash the penis of all extra hairs, wipe with a clean towel before applying aftershave. Antiseptic cream can also help reduce bumping on the penis area.

Tips for effective penis shaving

1. Never begin shaving your penis when not alert. Being drunk while shaving your penis could result in irreparable damage that can be avoided by only shaving while sober and alert..

2. Always use a new razor for each shaving session.

3. Always shave in a gentle way to avoid skin irritation and bumps.


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