Shaving With a Safety Razor

Shaving With a Safety Razor

The safety razor is one of the best shaving blades to bless the shaving accessories market. It is mainly used to cut hairs to manageable lengths without much irritation and shaving bumps. The safety razor is unlike other shaving blades made specifically to reduce the level of hair while not scouring it from the skin surface to cause bumps or rashes associated with hair follicle injuries. This double-edged blade and safety razor is the best there is in a shaving market filled with expensive, disposable blades that do very little in terms of beard care.

Procedure for shaving with a safety razor

Like the other forms of razor shaving, the first step in using the safety razor is cleaning and preparing the hair to be cut. This can be achieved by first of all washing the hair area in warm water, before lathering with standard lather for uniformity.

After that, pass the safety razor over the lathered beard, as you cut. Caution should be taken in terms of the pressure applied against the safety razor. Always use light pressure on the razor to avoid skin irritation. If you are seeking deeper and lower cut, do so, but in low pressure.

Another important aspect to consider while you are shaving is to ensure that the blade is tilted as an angle of 30 degrees against the cheek for a better shave. The general idea is to have the blade of the razor, cutting through the hair and not scraping through it. Knowing this is important because of the varying cheek types and shapes.

After you are satisfied with the amount of hair removed in the shave, proceed and wash off the lather and remaining hairs with cold water. Finish by wiping with a clean, moist towel before dampening with aftershave.

Trends and market for safety razors

Generally, the safety razor is one of the best shaving razors in the market right now. Different brands do exist but, most of them work the same; just a bit differentiated. One such brand is the Parker Safety Razor. Despite its superb brass construction, durability and performance, this safety razor costs just a fraction of what you pay for an average disposable razor from giants like Gillette and would be worthy of checking out!

For the best shaving experience, however, it is normally recommended that you choose a shaving method and blade that is suitable and safe with your type of skin.

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