Smoking Cessation

    Acupuncture & Smoking Cessation
    There are several reasons why people opt to smoke. For some, it could be a way to relax or lose weight as it depresses the appetite; others feel it is the ultimate solution to bout depression.

    • The Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr
    • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Smoking Cessation by Kenneth A. Perkins
    • Smoker Confessions by J.L. Boone
    • How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped for Good by Gillian Riley
    • The Tao of Quitting Smoking by Joseph P. Weaver
    • Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining Weight by Paul McKenna
    • Stop Smoking Forever by Glen Harrold
    • Recovery from Smoking: Quitting with the 12 Step Process by E. Hanson
    • Quitting Smoking for Dummies by David Brizer M.D
    • Yes! You Can Stop Smoking: Even If You Don't Want To by David C Jones

        8 Quit Smoking Methods
        Descriptions of different methods such as cold turkey and patches that are used to help you to quit smoking.

          Smoking is probably one of the easiest habits to conceive and definitely the hardest to yield, but is not impossible!

            If you’re reading this article in the hopes of finding an instant quit smoking medication that works like a magic pill, there is NONE. However, there are some that come close, but you still need to use the time tested use of will-power.

              You have a couple of choices with prescriptions for quitting smoking. Each has drawbacks and advantages that are covered here.

                This is another method being used by professionals to help people quit smoking. It is expensive, but it is also very effective, and it comes with a guarantee.

                  Side Effects
                  There are also some medications like Chantix and many others that assist in making sure that the withdrawal symptoms become bearable. These medications also manage to get people completely out of the smoking habit.

                    Many people who have quit smoking, experience smoking cessation symptoms. In some instances, these symptoms become quite strong and make ex-smokers want to give into smoking again.

                      Want to quit smoking but cannot break the habit because of the nicotine withdrawals? Well, this drug will help you with that. Wellbutrin will eliminate the craving effect of nicotine, but not the physiological symptoms. Those you have to take care of on your own, sorry.

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