Smoking Cessation Shot

Smoking cessation shot
Smokers who want to quit smoking have been known to go to all lengths just to stop the habit. There has been the introduction of yet another method of smoking cessation which is the smoking cessation shot. This cessation shot has become very popular in America with many people embracing it because of its effectiveness. This method gives you another attempt at quitting smoking. So keep reading if you wish to learn more about it, and if it works, how does it work?

    What’s in a smoking cessation shot?
    This cessation shot contains scopolamine which is used to take care of physical ailments. One of the uses is sea sickness due to the fact that it is also contains an antihistamine.

    How does it work?
    When this medication in the shot is administered into your system, what happens is that it blocks the receptors of nicotine in the brain. This has the advantage of helping reduce the effects of the withdrawal symptoms that your body would normally go through. Because of this help with reducing the withdrawal symptoms the success rate is very good. Smoking addiction is caused by the nicotine, so now that you have succeeded in eliminating the withdrawal from nicotine, you should have little trouble with quitting smoking.

      The success rates of the smoking cessation shot
      It has been recorded that the success rates can be attested to being close to 80%. This is a major achievement because other attempt to quit smoking only manage success rates of about 20%. You should also have counseling sessions to help with the psychological withdrawal, which actually can be more difficult than getting over the withdrawal of nicotine. However there are some drawbacks for this shot cessation method. The first thing is that these shots are very expensive, they can cost as much as $450 for the entire treatment. While this is the most effective method for quitting smoking, it is also not affordable to everyone who wants to quit.

      However, if you look at the savings you will get from not purchasing cigarettes any longer, you should be able to afford the shot method regardless of your income. Normal total withdrawal with the shot method is two to three months making it an efficient and effective method to use.

        What would determine whether you need this smoking cessation shot?
        If as a smoker you’re financially able to afford this, then it would be the best option to use for quitting smoking. With the highest success rate of any method, this would make it the best method to use. With the original fee counseling is also included. Plus, you get a guarantee stating that if your cravings return after a year, you can get back into the program again. Regardless of the high cost, this method has the least amount of side effects and the best success rate making it the best choice available to you.

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