Side Effects
of Smoking Cessation

It is never easy to stop the habit of smoking due to the various side effects of smoking cessation. The best thing to do is to have enough motivation in order to be able to stop smoking.

There are also some medications like Chantix and many others that assist in making sure that the withdrawal symptoms become bearable. These medications also manage to get people completely out of the smoking habit.

Side effects of smoking cessation:
Nicotine is a substance found in a cigarette and is extremely addictive. This substance is what makes people become addicted to smoking. It has a way of getting into your entire system physically and psychologically. Once you are in the habit of smoking, it becomes really hard to stop hence cessation becomes a very hard thing to pursue.

There are several things that happen once you decide to stop smoking such as withdrawals that may include:

  • Sadness and mild depression.
  • Some people experience anxiety that makes them turn overly sensitive.
  • You may get phases of loneliness and boredom.
  • In most cases people become really edgy and angry at the thought of being unable to stop smoking.
  • Since you will not be having the nicotine in your system, you may end up having a tremendous appetite thus making you gain weight.
  • Most people have a hard time concentrating and this drives them into getting angry and moody at all times.
  • The worse of the withdrawals is usually lack of sleep. In most cases it is even possible to have nightmares and finally fatigue during the day because of inadequate sleep.

    Normally it is really a hard thing to decide on your own to stop smoking hence you need a lot of motivation especially to be able to overcome the various harsh withdrawal symptoms. Most people have tried to stop smoking only to start again. This is because it is very hard if you are doing it without some sort of help or motivation. If you can manage to use all the available help including using medication such as Chantix, then you could be on your way to be freed diverse effects of nicotine.

      Overcoming the side effects of smoking cessation:
    • The first thing that would really help is counseling. This is usually of very great help because besides counseling by professionals, you would also get a chance to hear success stories of people who have gained the confidence to kick the habit.
    • The other thing that would be very important to access is replacement therapy of nicotine which comes in the form of nicotine patches, chewing gum, lozenges, and inhalers. All of these products help in tricking the body that it is still consuming nicotine while in real sense it isn’t.

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