Smoking Cessation Medication:
Enhance your Overall Wellbeing

Smoking Cessation Medication: Enhance your Overall Wellbeing

Simply put, quitting smoking is not easy and if you plan to go cold turkey, meaning without the aid of smoking cessation medication, it never works out! What started out as an innocent social indulgence has gradually transitioned into a gruesome habit, and trying and testing a number of ways to break the habit doesn’t help! Great news is that we live in a world of options and smoking cessation with the help of medication is definitely one to explore.

Now that you’ve realized the awful disorders associated with smoking and you’re ready to let go, medical therapy may be your best bet combined with other techniques. Smoking cessation is not limited to over the counter drugs or prescriptions, but extends to hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, wellbutrin for smoking cessation or simply a remedy that will work to relieve you of your smoking cessation symptoms.

One of the over the counter remedies is Champix, which is designed to lessen the urges and has a 44% success rate. This FDA approved drug is sold all over the world and a 0.5 mg pill is a recommended dosage, used daily for the first 4 days or so. You can increase your dosage as you feel comfortable and depending on your withdrawal symptoms. Other smoking cessation medicinal therapies include nasal sprays, inhalers, lozenges, patches and gum. These work to a certain extent to decrease your urges, but are definitely not a sure shot solution. Statistics prove that most smokers try to quit at least 4-5 times before finally saying goodbye; because each time takes a toll on our day to day lives, it is important to research and use the right techniques to kick the habit the first time around.

Medications usually contain some level of nicotine that gradually helps decrease the level of the chemical intake and in doing so, eradicates the 4000 or so dangerous chemicals linked to each cigarette. Zyban is another renowned quit smoking medication, which works in the same manner as Champix, but is not recommended for those with high blood pressure or heart disorders. The primary goal of these smoking cessation medication techniques is to not only repair the damage caused by tobacco, but also to help you condemn its taste naturally. There are a number of remedies to aid in smoking cessation, but before you pursue any, ask yourself …..Am I Ready?

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