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  • BackSPA Personal Groomer for men. Removes hair from your arms, shoulders, upper and lower back. To remove hair from your lower back, just flip the handle so that it is now facing the opposite direction.
  • Mangroomer DIY
  • Panasonic ES2262A Men's wet/dry multi-angled personal groomer
  • Philips Norelco BG2030 Professional BodyGrooming system. The Extra Large (XL) trimming comb works best in large areas like the chest and abs, legs, back and shoulders.
  • Razorba classic
  • Razorba Silencer
  • Razorba War Hammer shaver
  • Remington BHT-600 titanium extendable body & back hair groomer. Has a wide variety of attachments and an extending handle so you can groom all those hard-to-reach body areas such as your back.
  • Remington BHT600 Body & Back Groomer
  • Vidal Sassoon VSCL820 trimmer

      Clio Designs
    • Clio Long Neck DIY Cordless Rechargeable Body Shaver. Safe and easy to use on chest, abs, back, shoulders, underarms, groin area, legs, etc.

        Easy Razor -Body & Back Shaver Extension Tool - Complete Set
        New back shaver that is easy to transport as it folds in half for storage. It has the longest reach of any back shaver to date, and is completely adjustable and twists to lock.

        • Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver. Offers a fully extendable and adjustable handle that locks into place at various lengths to reach even the most difficult middle and lower portions of the back for men of all sizes.
        • Mangroomer Sku 211-6 Professional DIY Electric Back Hair Shaver. Features a PROFESSIONAL handle that can be extended and locked at any length you choose, enabling you to create a custom shaving length.
        • Mangroomer Private Body Shaver. Trim and maintain your body hair by using one of five predetermined length settings.
        • Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver Premium Replacement Head. Should be replaced every 6 months for maximum performance. Regular cleaning and maintenance is also recommended to maintain optimum results.

          • Razorba Classic Back Hair Shaver. Will give you a close back shave in around 15 minutes.
          • Razorba War Hammer Back Hair Shaver. This is a simple product that works great for shaving your back. The better the blade you use, the easier and better your shave will be.
          • Razorba Silencer Back Hair Shaver. Awarded Best of the Web by Maxim Magazine.

              Sport Razor
            • Sport Razor Compact Do-It-Yourself Body Razor Back Shaver

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              Question: Hi..Does anyone know where to purchase a mens back razor called "MENS BACK SHAVER". THANKS IN ADVANCE..SID REACH ME: BAKOCKED@AOL.COM …

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