Sport Razor Back Shaver Review

Sport Razor Compact Do-It-Yourself Body Razor Back Shaver

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink

  • Compact Do-It-Yourself Body Razor Back Shaver
  • Ideal for use on your back, legs, and other difficult to reach areas of your body
  • Extra long reach of 16 inches
  • When folded only 8.75 inches
  • For storage and/or traveling it has an easy to lock foldable handle
  • Provides even contact with the surface of your skin with the longer neck and specially angled head
  • Uses a replaceable cartridge
  • Reduced razor drag and less skin irritation with the aloe and vitamin E lubricating strip
  • Ideal for those of you who are athletes, bodybuilders, cyclists, and swimmers
  • Also great for those with limited mobility because of injury or surgery, or pregnancy
  • Available in 3 colors: green, blue, and pink

    This is a very versatile body shaver that can be used for all of those hard to reach areas. Areas such as your back and legs. The handle can be folded for storage or when you go traveling, it also locks in place for safety. You get a non-slip grip that gives you great control and maneuverability. The pivoting head has a replaceable cartridge that will adjust to the contours of your body so that you can get a close shave with only one stroke of the blade. It helps also that it has precision aligned flexible triple blades.

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