Hair Regrowth Laser Reviews

    Dynamax Hair Regrowth Laser
  • Dynamax Freedom 100 Hair Replacement System. Can be used Hands Free.

    • Erchonia THL-1 Hair Laser. Only takes minutes a day for treatment.

        Follinex Hair Regrowth Laser
        This is a cost effective hair regrowth laser for light duty home use.

          Hair Growth
        • XP110 Max Pro Hair Growth Laser. 110 Laser Diodes, 650 NM, 8-10MW *(Strongest Lasers Available for Home Use).
        • XP80 Turbo Hair Regrowth Laser. Safe and very cost effective treatment.
        • XP50 Deluxe Laser Hair Growth Restoration. Results should occur within 8 to 12 weeks and produce the best results after a year of consistent use.
        • Laser Hair Restoration Treatment. Hair starts regrowing in 8 to 12 weeks.

            Hair Growth Laser Comb
          • Laser Hair Comb..More Lasers Than Hairmax!!

            • HairMax LaserComb Premium Model HMFP. For optimal results should be used 10 to 15 minutes per treatment 3 times a week.
            • 2011 Hairmax Premium Cordless Laser Comb. Cordless operation provided by the rechargeable battery.
            • HairMax LaserComb Advanced 7
            • Hairmax Lasercomb Professional 12
            • HairMax LaserComb Lux 9
            • HairMax Hair Fibers. Several colors to choose from, choose the one that best resembles your hair color.

              • New iGrow Laser Hair Rejuvenation System for Home Use. Maximum results provided through a combination of LED therapy and laser therapy.

                  New Hair Revolution
                • New Hair Revolution Laser Hair Comb. Inexpensive alternative to similar items that are much more expensive.

                    New Spa
                    Hair Growth Stimulator Low Laser Comb HairMore, Model #KD 3323.

                      Nutrisonic Laser CombLaser hair therapy for stopping hair loss and regrowing your hair to give you a fuller, thicker head of hair. Safe for use at home.

                        Power Grow Comb
                      • Power Grow Comb Laser by Velform

                        • Raymax Professional Low Level Laser Therapy unit - Prevent Hair Loss, Thinning, Balding, Regrow new hair

                          • Sunetics Laser Brush Comb

                              Super Grow Laser
                            • Super Grow Laser 50 Hair Loss Laser Model
                            • Super Grow Laser LM-30 30 Lasers Hair Restoration Unit
                            • Super Grow Laser LM-H Handheld Hair Loss Laser Model
                            • Super Grow Laser LM-80 80 Lasers Hair Restoration Unit

                              • Verseo Lasertron Hair Loss Rejuvenation Laser Comb

                                • Viatek LB01 Hair Pro Laser Hair Brush
                                • Viatek LB03G Hair Pro Luxuor Laser Hair Treatment

                                    XP 12
                                    XP 12 Laser Hair Stimulator for Hair Regrowth

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