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LB01 Hair Pro Laser Hair Brush

Viatek LB01 Hair Pro Laser Hair Brush

  • LB01 Hair Pro Laser Hair Brush
  • Stimulate and massage your scalp with 36 LED stimulators
  • Most users will see results in 8 to 16 weeks using 3 times a week for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Consistent laser light energy with the light reflecting laser beam that transmits the device
  • Hair will be more vibrant and full than before using this dual technology
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      Viatek Laser LB03G Hair Pro Luxuor Laser Hair Treatment

      Viatek LB03G Hair Pro Luxuor Laser Hair Treatment

    • Viatek Laser LB03G Hair Pro Luxuor Laser Hair Treatment
    • HAIRPRO Luxor Laser Hair Therapy
    • Use to give you richer, thicker, and fuller looking hair
    • Laser Hair Technology that is used throughout the world in hair salons
    • Utilizes 9 lasers along with 6 LED's
    • Safe to use in the home
    • Cost effective for use in the home
    • Much more convenient than going to a hair specialist or hair salon
    • Provides greater hair coverage with the laser being utilized across the entire length of the brush for a consistent laser beam, since you have more hair coverage, you will have thicker looking hair
    • For best results use 3 times weekly, 10 to 15 minutes each time, and you should see results in 8 to 16 weeks
    • 8 x 25nW Direct Laser Hair Technology
    • 6 x 660 nM LED Hair Technology
    • 1 x Low Level Laser Technology extends the full length of the brush
    • 26 Removable bristles
    • Rechargeable Battery
    • Customer Reviews

      Uses two different technologies, rather than one, which is what most systems use. Since it uses 2 technologies, it will work quicker and give better results in your hair regrowth. Plus, it costs about 50% less than most other systems using similar technology. You can safely use it at home where it is more cost effective and extremely more convenient to use. No getting in your car, no more making appointments, no more waiting. Just plug it in and use it.

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