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Hair Growth Stimulator Low Laser Comb HairMore

Hair Growth Stimulator Low Laser Comb HairMore

  • Hair Growth Stimulator Low Laser Comb HairMore
  • Model #KD 3323
  • Hair loss treatment
  • Effective treatment against hair loss that is caused by hair follicles that have poor blood circulation
  • This method uses tiny 2 diode elements that produce waves of red light which increases blood flow and circulation to your hair follicles
  • This is a treatment and not a cure
  • It only works in cases where the hair loss is due to poor blood circulation in hair follicles
  • Has a 90% success rate for this type of hair loss
  • When treatment works it usually starts to show significant results within 12 to 20 weeks of consistent treatment

    This laser is effective, but will take a long time to work. This is due to the laser only having 2 diode elements. This is the reason it is so inexpensive. If you want faster growth you will need to spend more. Perhaps on the NEW iGrow Laser Hair Rejuvenation System for Home Use - Physician Supported. This is a much more effective unit, but you will be paying much more. If you don't mind the wait, and have plenty of patience, go for this laser.

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