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XP12 Laser Hair Stimulation for Hair Regrowth

XP 12 Laser Hair Stimulation for Hair Regrowth

  • XP12 Better than Laser Comb or Laser Brush. Laser Hair Stimulation to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair!
  • Includes 12 low level laser diodes, 650 NM, 4.5 MW
  • Treatment consists of 3 times a week doing 15 to 20 minutes of hair laser treatments
  • In 8 to 12 weeks you should start seeing results
  • Laser has a lifespan of over 5000 hours
  • Unit has 1 year full warranty
  • Hand held laser for in home use
  • The ideal choice for people with minimal hair loss
  • Light is a form of energy and this low level laser energizes the scalp tissue
  • Over 90% of people using hair laser therapy achieve fuller, thicker and more luxurious head of hair
  • Works on both men and women
    The laser should held about 3" from you scalp. No need for you to move the head around as each laser can stimulate up to 3" in circumference. During the first 2 weeks you need to use daily for 20 minutes. After that use 3 times weekly, but make sure to skip a day between every treatment. If you over-use, the hair follicles get lazy and will not respond to the treatment. Safety first includes not looking at the laser, and especially try avoiding contact with your eyes.
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