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Power Grow Comb from Amazon

Power Laser Grow Comb

Power Laser Grow Comb

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  • Power Laser Grow Comb
  • By Velform
  • Includes a finger comb, manicure set, brush, and laser comb
  • 7 Red 660 Nanometer Energy Diodes
  • 7 Blue 470 Nanometer Energy Diodes
  • High-Precision Laser Beam Window is cutting edge
  • Bio-Stimulating Vibrations
  • This comb promotes the growth of new hair follicles
  • Comb is powered by low level laser and light therapy which increases circulation in your scalp
  • This will cause individual dormant follicles to be stimulated and revitalized for a return of hair growth
  • This is a miniature version of the professional laser units that cost thousands
  • Its effectiveness has been proven by studies done in Western Europe, Finland, United States, and Japan
  • Also has a vibration mode which feels like you are getting a massage while it is increasing circulation and blood flow for accelerating hair growth
  • Use for 10 minutes daily or brush your head slowly
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      Power Grow Comb Customer Not rated yet
      I ordered the power grow comb because I have experienced the use of the rake to grow the hair. With the rake you can feel the vibration. With the power …

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