New Hair Revolution Review

New Hair Revolution Laser Hair Comb

New Hair Revolution Laser Hair Comb

  • Review of the New Hair Revolution Laser Hair Comb.
  • Alternative to the Expensive Hair Max
  • Get results in approximately six to nine months of use
  • Will give you fuller, thicker, and much healthier hair
  • Will work for either men or women
  • Products that are similar can be found for $400 and more
  • Laser hair comb and massager
  • Combination low energy laser comb with the Therapy Massager Comb
  • This combo gives faster results than using laser combs alone
  • No known side effects
  • Uses laser light therapy which is commonly called Phototherapy
  • Phototherapy is a non-surgical treatment for stopping hair loss and stimulating the growth of new hair
  • The Hair Comb uses a low intensity infrared cool laser light
  • Kit consists of two combs
  • One is a laser comb that uses far infrared, laser and impulse light. 8 needles stimulate the cells in the scalp, kills bacteria, dilates capillaries and promotes metabolism to produce hair again.
  • The 2nd comb is a massage comb. It vibrates to help massage and stimulate blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles while dilating the hair follicles
  • Combs are portable and cordless
  • Use the laser comb 3 to 4 times weekly for 10 to 15 minutes to obtain the optimum results
  • Package includes Brush A - cool light laser comb, Brush B - massager comb, recharge base, DC adapter, and instructions.
  • Customer Reviews

    Inexpensive alternative to similar items that are much more expensive. You actually get two items in one. A massager dosificating a capilar lotion and a light therapy in the second. Items are durable but light so easy to lift without over-exerting yourself.

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