8 Smoking Cessation Methods

8 Smoking Cessation Methods

When a person has been smoking cigarettes for quite some time, this becomes routine and they often feel as if they need to smoke to make it through the day. For smokers who would like to quit, there are some smoking cessation methods that can be tried.

The most common methods in this instance include a few unassisted methods and quitting cold turkey. A lot of the time the unassisted methods take place first. In this situation, an ex-smoker will make several attempts to quit smoking, each in a different manner. There is some success with these unassisted methods, but this does not work for everyone.

Another common method in this instance is quitting cold turkey. When a smoker tries to quit smoking using the cold turkey method, they will abruptly stop smoking. In many cases, a smoker will throw away their cigarettes and lighters so that they will not be tempted or able to smoke. For many smokers, this method gets the job done, but for others, another approach will have to be taken.

Other methods include interventions and health care. With these methods, persons who wish to stop smoking seek help from healthcare centers that specialize in these situations. Most of the time, a clinic screening is performed, and counseling is suggested. Most of these healthcare facilities operate by the 5 A’s, which includes ask, advise, assess, assist, and arrange.

Biochemical feedback is yet another smoking cessation method that is used. It is a newer method that enables a smoker to see how smoking has affected their body and the damages that have occurred within the body due to smoking. This is a unique method that many ex-smokers have found beneficial.

Single medications are also prescribed as a quit smoking method. Most smokers who take this route can stay smoke free for 4 months or more. In this instance, nicotine replacement therapy is a method that many smokers who are trying to quit use. Nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, sprays, and inhalers are all used in this instance.

Combinations of medications are also used as an effective smoking cessation method. This method combines two or more different medications to help a smoker kick the habit. In this situation, persons who are trying to stop smoking have used a nicotine patch with gum or an inhaler.

One method that several smokers used in order to quit smoking is the cut down or the reasonable to quit method. This is a method that a smoker with discipline uses in order to kick the habit. In this instance, a smoker will gradually reduce their cigarette intake until they are comfortable and ready to take the final step to quitting.

Community interventions are yet another method that has proven to work for many ex-smokers. In this instance, smokers who would like to quit and ex-smokers join to share their stories of their addiction to nicotine and how they overcame such a struggle. Smokers also share their stories of struggling to quit and methods that they have put to the test.

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