Wellbutrin For Smoking Cessation

Wellbutrin for Smoking Cessation:

There are various medications that are used for helping to quit smoking. Some of the medications like Wellbutrin for smoking cessation works for some people, and not for others. Some of these medications are usually not approved for the purpose of quitting smoking by the insurance companies, but they are still used nevertheless.

The doctors understand that the smoking cessation is a side effect and not what the drug was designed for. The challenge however is that most of the insurance companies are never obligated to cover any of these stop smoking medications. The only cover for the stated use of these drugs. For instance, Wellbutrin was found to help in smoking cessation totally by accident. It is actually a side effect of the drug. So the insurance company is not obligated to pay for it when used for quitting smoking, but it is obligated for the original use as an anti-depressant.

Wellbutrin is the brand name of bupropion. You can get it in more than just the Wellbutrin brand, some of the other brands include Zyban and Budeprion. It also comes in a time released version which is called SR, and the non SR version which is not time released. The SR version is a bit more expensive, but you won't have to take it as often. So it is a matter of do you want to have the convenience of taking it less often, but paying a little more or not.

When this pill was first introduced, it was specifically supposed to treat depression. However after it was used extensively, doctors discovered that it also helped patients who had been smoking for a while. At this point it was confirmed that a number of people quit their smoking habit after taking the treatment for some time. Since Wellbutrin For Smoking Cessation works by eliminating the craving effect on your brain, it would be wise to use this to your advantage and make a conscious effort to quit smoking while taking the drug.

Apparently Wellbutrin helps with the withdrawal effects of nicotine in your system. So if you are using it to stop smoking, it will only work if you really want to quit. There isn't any magic to the pill, it is just a helpful crutch to quit smoking. If you want to check how it works, just go to bed after having smoked, and then in the morning take a Wellbutrin pill. Now wait awhile and check for the usual gnawing from the nicotine. If the pill is working for you, you won't have that craving effect. But what you will have is the habit of grabbing a smoke and lighting up. So the physical craving is taken care of, but the physiological aspect is still there. Actually, the physiological aspect will always be there, it never goes away, but it does weaken and is easier to overcome the longer you have gone without smoking.

So if you really want to quit, Wellbutrin for smoking cessation will probably be a big help for you. Plus, you won't need to keep taking it for very long, like with patches. Once the nicotine is out of your system, you no longer will be needing the pill. So if your insurance company won't pay for the medication, you could possibly afford to pay out of pocket with the money saved by not buying cigarettes. Give it a shot, I did and haven't smoked in over three years. And if you fall off the wagon, use it again until you quit again.

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