Methods of Shaving

Methods of shaving

Shaving is generally defined as the process by which hair is removed using a bladed implement such as a razor. This practice has been practiced for centuries, if not ages, according to historians. Over the years, the methods (the means by which shaving was done) have undergone massive growth in leaps and bounds as man be came more and more sophisticated. Despite all this, what has remained unchanged is mans need to remove the extra hair as a means of better grooming or even, good health purposes. Several methods and techniques have been used by different people, in different locations. The most popular shaving methods include the use of safety razors as a shaving tool. These methods include:

1. Traditional methods of shaving

This is by far the most common shaving method used all over the world. It is also known as wet shaving since the hairy area is normally wet with water, or cream before shaving with the razor. The most popular razors in this section were apparently brought into the fore by the Gillette razor revolution. Although common, this is one of the riskiest methods of shaving since hair has to be removed in a cut or slide of the blade. When done perfectly, it can turn out to be one of the best methods of shaving, according to shaving experts.

2. Electric shaving

Electric shaving is a recent development in the field of shaving. This form of shaving is normally achieved by oscillating blades that run by plugging into an electrical outlet or powered by batteries. Invented by Jacob Schick in 1928, the electric shaver can cut hair when it is applied around the hair area. It is a rather better means of shaving since it puts a shaver in control of the blade, reducing cuts and bumps. Although generally safer when compared to the razor or wet shaving, this method has reduced hair removal capabilities since it can cut just enough, on the skin layer.

3. Threading method

This is a rather old school method of shaving that was mainly used by women in the past. Initially using concoctions like sugar to remove extra hairs, the threading methods have transformed remarkably in the last century and are generally used with the conventional shaving blades and electrical methods. These methods are, however, confined to the salons and boutiques where they go with fancy names such as facials, and so on.

As a shaving consumer, it is always best to choose a method of shaving that is compatible with your individual shaving needs and skin characteristics. For example, individuals with a sensitive skin are better off with an electric shaver than a wet shave that would detrimentally affect them. Seeking the help of a health expert can help you determine the best shaving method for your skin and style.

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