How To Shave Chest Hair

How to shave chest Hair

Chest hair is generally considered sexy and masculine, in most societies, around the world. Some people even say ‘the darker the chest the deeper the roots’. Whatever that means, at least that was in the past since modern society dictates that a bushy chest is not all that sexy after all! If you have this bushy chest problem, there is one remedy, which is to shave the hair.

Steps to be followed when shaving chest hair

1. Start by washing the skin with warm water to remove all dirt, oil and other dirt related contaminants on the skin.

2. Proceed and apply a shaving gel to the moistened chest to ease the pressure needed to cut the chest hair

3. Using a shaving blade tilted at an angle of 30 degree, pass the blade through a section of the chest as you cut to your desired length. It may be necessary to re-gel and cut again, if you need lower layer of hair. Also, note that, very little pressure should be applied on the skin while shaving to avoid irritation and bumps, as well.

4. Repeat the process until you’re done with the whole chest. Shaving the chest in parts is recommended for best results.

5. After the whole chest is done, apply witch hazel, which is much less expensive than aftershave. It helps reduce the razor bumps, skin irritation and inflammatory swelling.

Generally, chest shaving is a practice that should reserved for the bathroom since you may have to be stark naked. This is also because of the mess that results from shaving an entire chest.

Why chest hair should be shaven

Medical reports indicate that a lot of hair on the chest is not good for your health. Although not directly, excessive chest hair may accumulate disease causing factors or vectors like lice. These disease causing vectors may bring disease that weaken the individual’s immune system.

Maintenance problems also arise with hair chests. This is because having long hair on the chest takes a lot of valuable time to maintain from the bearer, causing him massive losses in the process.

A lot of hair on the chest also provides a soaking ground for sweat. This may lead to the emergence of a strong body odor, which may be of detriment on a social level.

Sometimes chest hair is removed to facilitate medical operations, especially those that involve the chest area, such as heart surgery, and so on.

Importance of shaving chest hair

Cutting excessively long hair from the chest is an important process as it has both social and medical effects. Some of the benefits include:

1. Shaving chest hair remarkably lowers the amount of body odor, which works a great deal on an individual’s self esteem.

2.It also helps define chest muscle definition, making one more attractive.

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