Shaving Tips for Women

Shaving Tips for Women

Shaving Tips for Women: Going around the Bend and Coming Back Again for Good Results Every Time

Let’s face it: Shaving is a part of a women’s daily beauty regimen most women don’t exactly look forward to with a great deal of enthusiasm. But the truth is, the only thing worse than shaving is getting caught with unattractive razor stubble when smooth and attractive skin is most important.

If you’re one of the many women who doesn’t relish the thought of that daily or semi-daily battle with your razor, following the tips suggested here will guarantee that you always put your best foot—or leg, as the case may be—forward.

Whether you choose a manual or electric razor, there are any number of great choices designed especially for the shape of a women’s body. An electric shaver is a good choice for women who shave every day. A manual razor is perfect for the women who travels often or likes to shave on the go, like in the shower at the gym.

Whichever type of razor you prefer, choose one that fits easily in the palm of your hand with a good, non-slip grip so you don’t lose it in the shower or tub, or accidentally drop it while you’re maneuvering to shave behind your knees or the backs of your thighs.

If you’re using a manual shaver, the best time to shave is just after you’ve showered when the hot water has had a chance to open your pores and soften your skin and hair. The softer your hair is, the easier it is to cut, so your razor will snag less and you’ll be left with fewer nicks and less irritation.

Even if you’re using an electric razor dry, after you’ve bathed and dried off is still the optimal time to shave.

Always use a lubricant to condition your skin before shaving when using a manual shaver. Don’t rely solely on your razor’s lubrication strip. If you have a wet/dry model electric shaver a lubricant isn’t necessary, but it’s always a good idea. Women’s shaving gels tend to smell better than men’s, but they’re also pricier, and both men’s and women’s brands will do the trick.

After you’ve let your shave gel soak in for a minute or two, start in one the less tricky areas, like along the front of your shin. Because of the way a woman’s body is shaped, women tend to instinctively start low and draw the razor up, but one of the best ways to avoid razor burn is shave in the direction your hair grows, which is usually down the leg. You can double back against the grain for a closer shave if need be, but try to avoid making more than one or two passes over the same place, especially in areas where your skin is most delicate.

As you’re shaving—especially with a manual razor—be sure to stop often and rinse out the shaver blades. Many electric razors vacuum trimmings up inside the unit, but you may need to tap the foils clean from time to time. Remember, built-up debris causes friction and friction can cause painful cuts and razor burn.

Finally, follow your shaving session with a good moisturizing cream. This will help cool your skin, close your pores, and prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

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