Bikini Waxing Instructions

Bikini Waxing Instructions At Home

Bikini Waxing at Home:

It’s no surprise that so many women prefer waxing to shaving when it comes to the bikini area. Waxing leaves your skin smoother, there’s no embarrassing and unattractive razor stubble, and results can last for up to four to six weeks. With each waxing session running anywhere from $25 to $100 at a salon, however, many women are choosing to wax at home.

In additional to saving money, waxing at home is just more convenient than booking an appointment, driving to the salon, and having to strip down in front of a complete stranger. Plus, when you think about it, who knows your body better than you?

If you’re considering forgoing those salon treatments for waxing at home, the following ten bikini waxing instruction guidelines will help get you started.

Bikini Waxing Instructions

1. Start with hair about a quarter inch long. If this is your first bikini wax, it’s probably best to have it done professionally, but if it’s just been awhile, trim down the area to be waxed until it’s about a quarter inch long. Don’t go shorter and don’t shave first or hairs will be too short for the wax to grab hold of.

2. Use a wax or wax kit that’s intended for the bikini area. Every wax is different and each is designed to work at a certain temperature/consistency. Check your box or the product’s website if you’re unsure. Always read all the instructions before starting.

3. Clean and dry the area to be waxed. It’s a good idea to start with a bath or shower if possible, this will relax you as well as condition and exfoliate your skin. Some waxing kits will come with an antiseptic cleanser for your skin and hands, and some will include a pre-treatment oil that will help the wax adhere to your hair rather than your skin. If your kit doesn’t include oil, a light dusting of baby powder will also work well.

4. Apply wax using an applicator. Test the temperature of the wax on the inside of your wrist first before applying to your bikini area. Then apply the wax using an applicator. Apply against the grain of your hair growth first, then double back over in the opposite direction. If your wax kit is the type that uses cloth strips, apply the strip(s) to the wax and wait for the wax to cool.

5. Remove the wax quickly. Pull your skin taut and peel back a small edge of the wax to get a good hold, then remove the wax quickly as if you’re pulling off a band-aid.

6. Press down on your skin immediately to soothe it. Bikini line waxing does hurt at first, but it gets easier as your body gets used to it. The more relaxed you are, the better.

7. Repeat the wax application process until finished. Stray hairs left behind can be pulled with tweezers.

8. Rinse away any leftover wax or stickiness. Gently cleanse the area you’ve just waxed with warm water, then pat dry.

9. Apply a soothing cream. Choose a cream made for post-wax care or something soothing, like an aloe-based gel.

10. Enjoy a month of smooth and beautiful results!

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