Women’s Depilatories

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Women’s Depilatories

Women can find it frustrating to have to deal with shaving every other day. For women with sensitive skin, using razors and epilators as part of their regular beauty regimen can even be painful. A good alternative is using a hair removal cream, which is a chemical hair removal product that will melt away hair, root and all. They are quick and clean, and many women prefer their results to those obtained through traditional shaving methods.


The most frequently used products are creams and lotions. Reliable brands like Veet and Nairs offer products that dissolve away hair in minutes, leaving barely any residue behind. A great way to use a hair removal cream is right before your morning shower. Be sure your hands are clean, sit down on the edge of your tub, then apply the cream to your legs. It’s important not to rub the product into your skin, simply spread the cream liberally over the desired area.

Once you’ve covered your legs with the product, rinse your hands thoroughly. Most depilatories will need to stay on for five to fifteen minutes, so make sure to check the product’s instructions and set a timer. While your product is working, you can use the time to relax, or make good use of the waiting time by brushing your teeth, blow drying your hair or checking email on your PDA while the product works.

When the time is up, wipe away a small area of cream with a soft washcloth as a test. If the hair comes away easily, you can rinse your legs in the shower or continue to gently wipe away the cream with your washcloth. If the hair is stubborn, let the product work a few more minutes then try again. Just be sure to not leave the product on your skin for too long, because it may cause irritation or a slight burn.

If you prefer a more compact depilatory product, for example for use when traveling, consider strips. Similar in appearance and use to wax strips, they are often made of non-woven fabric with a layer of depilatory product on one side. To use these strips, apply to your leg with your hand, then smooth the strip down gently to remove any air bubbles. The package will tell you how long to leave the strip on. When the time’s up, test to see if the hair comes away easily, and if so, pull the strip off in one fluid, upward motion. Otherwise, wait a few more minutes then try again.

After Care

Whichever product you choose to use, remember to be gentle with your skin once you’ve finished. The chemicals used to dissolve away your hair will likely leave you skin extra-sensitive for a day or two afterwards. Avoid using alcohol based astringents or strongly fragranced soaps right after hair removal. Give your skin time to breathe and adjust, then pamper it in the evening with a soothing hydrating cream or oil.

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