Manscaping 101:
Taming your Outer Hairy Beast

Manscaping 101: Taming your Outer Hairy Beast

Traditionally, manscaping has referred to trimming below the belt, but it can refer to dealing with any sort of unwanted or out of control body hair. And let’s face it, more is not always better—especially when you’re talking about a home-grown sweater on your back, tufts coming out of your ears, or over-ambitious chest hair that heads up to join forces with the beard on your neck.

Just as tactics change when you’re waging battle in the desert versus the jungle, men’s body grooming methods differ with the terrain.

Above the Neck:
Beard, Ear, and Nose Hair Trimming

If you want to keep your beard trimmed, or rid yourself of nose and ear hair, a good trimmer designed for the job will be your new best friend. Scissors and clippers are old-school, and not in the good way. You can find a quality beard trimmer with a nose and ear attachment less expensively than you might expect.

Getting the Shirt off your Back (and Front)

If you’re looking to tame back or chest hair, you have a number of options, some permanent and some temporary. On the temporary side, shaving will get the job done quickly and easily. But temporary in this case is really temporary, and when those chest and back hairs start to come back in a day or two, you may be in for some serious itching. On the upside, as the hair on your chest grows back it will all be one uniform length, which looks pretty great in most men’s opinions. This is, of course, not so much a benefit with back hair.

Waxing and hair removal creams are another set of options that give good results which can last up to a month. These are time consuming options though, since you’ll be working across pretty large areas. You’ll need someone to help you with your back.

In terms of more permanent solutions, many men are choosing electroylsis or laser hair removal for manscaping their backs and chests. Home kits are available, but seeking out a reputable clinic is probably the best way to go. Keep in mind that treatments can be pricey, and you’ll need more than one or two.

Below the Belt

Women have been doing it for years, so why shouldn’t men get in on the fun? Okay, so it’s not fun. But the results are.

If you’re looking for a cleaner, neater appearance, try starting with a trimmer or clippers with a guide attachment like you’d use on your beard or head. This way, you control the length and look you want.

Want to clear away the underbrush entirely? Then shaving is your best option. There are electric shavers on the market designed specifically for manscaping that make the process foolproof. Of course there’s no law saying you can’t wax, but as you can probably imagine, this could get pretty painful, pretty quickly.

Finally, a word of caution: when manscaping, never use cream hair removers on your genitals. If a chemical is strong enough dissolve hair on contact, then it’s strong enough to be a bad idea downstairs.

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