Shaving With a Razor Blade

Shaving with a Razor Blade

Shaving with a razor blade can be quite intimidating for a new user. This is because it employs the sharp edged blade to cut hair off beards, leg hairs, groin hairs and other undesirable hairs that characterize humans. According to most shaving experts, the blade is one of the most effective methods of removing extra hair on the body. This is by virtue of being in proximity with the skin during the shaving process.

There are different razor blade shaving techniques recommended by the different shaving blade manufacturers. The most basic method of shaving with a razor blade, however, is that which applies the technique of wet shaving.

Razor shaving process

I. The first step to shaving with a razor blade is by prepping your beard by having a wet shower. This softens and dampens the beard to make it easy to shave.

II. Lather the beard with high quality lather like Proraso Shaving Soap. Lather holds the hair in a uniform status that makes shaving possible.

III. The third step is tilting the razor blade on the skin at an angle of between 30 and 45 degrees.

IV. Move the razor blade along the grain of the hair in light strokes to cut the hair. You may also need to go over parts that are unshaven for better results after re-lathering.

V. The last step in a razor shave is rinsing the shaven skin with cold water before dampening it with aftershave, to reduce the inflammatory reactions that follow razor blade shaving.

Generally, razor blade shaving is one of the most used methods of shaving beards. This method is a preference for many people since it can be done as a matter of convenience in the house, saving on the amount of time needed to get to the barber shop.

Some of the most common risks that face razor blade shaving have always been those to do with the issue of cuts and skin bumps. These injuries mainly occur because of the proximity of the blade to the skin, which easily causes irritation. Although medication can heal and reduce the effect of some of these problems, it is always best preventing the occurrence through best razor shaving practices and through the use of high quality razor blades for shaving.

Most experts recommend the use of the safety razor whose job is to reduce unwanted hair, present on the skin. This is unlike the modern plastic razor blades that scour the skin to cause bumps and injuries on the skin. Rather than, have a clean shaven beard that is prone to irritation, it is always best to use the best quality razor blade for your shaving needs, for increased safety.

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