Razor Blade Safety

Razor blade safety

Razor blades have been with us since time immemorial as shaving tools. Although initially rudimentary and basic, the same principles that were used on the initial razor blades still apply to the current razor blades. Still, most people, especially men still dread their date with the razor blade for a myriad of problems and injuries, all of which that have something to do with having injuries during their shaving.

There are also other places that require shaving, as well. These parts are the underarms, legs, arms and groins. They all have unique features that make them require unique treatment to avoid such accidents and injuries.

There are several measures that can be used to ensure that razors remain safe in the custody of the user. Most of them tackle the problem of wrongful shaving methods that are bound to cause shaving accidents, whereas the others are safety tips based on poor quality blades or use of the wrong shaving methods, which make the whole razor shaving event, hurtful and difficult. Some of the important safety measures that guarantee razor blade safety include:

1. Using high quality razorThe most vital and safest way to shave whatever part of the body you need shaved really starts with quality of the shaving blade. The shaving blade has to have the best navigation system and superb roll over abilities to go around tough hair, which may cause irritation on the skin, bumps or cuts. One of the highly recommended razors that go beyond some of these predicaments is the parker safety razor. This shaving razor has a rounded exposure at its front, which is mainly important in reducing razor cuts while shaving.

2. Clean skin

Having a great and clean skin is another aspect that makes shaving safe and worthwhile. This can be achieved by having a thorough skin cleaning process that rids the skin of any dirt that may hamper the shaving process through bumps and cuts. Experts recommend cleaning the face, around the beard section using high quality medicated soap for better results.

3. Shaving process safety

Whenever you’re shaving, always use the razor according to the manufacturer’s razor use specifications. For the parker safety razor, for example, it is recommended that it is used using 30 degrees angle tilt on the skin for better results and to avoid cuts. The cutting razor should also be pressed gently on the skin to protect the skin from cutting.

Generally, shaving razor safety is a function of how you use the razor, the condition or health of the skin and how you use the razor, during the shaving process. Following all the above is such an important step that will always keep you clear of shaving razor accidents and problems such as cuts and bruises, etc.

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