How to Shave the Groin

How to Shave the Groin

Shaving the groin is a pretty common practice that dates back to several years ago, according to most experts. Originally, this was a preserve of prostitutes in Greece and ancient Egypt but established itself in popular culture in the 1940’s.

In humans, the groins include:

a) The Lower abdomen.

b) The Mons pubis which is the mound of flesh located just above the genitals. According to scientists, this area is more pronounced and developed among females, compared to the males.

c) The genital area, which includes the vagina and penis.

d) The perineum which is the area of skin that is located between the genitals and the anus area.

e) The bikini area, which is the layer of skin on the lower back and around the thighs, normally exposed when one is dressed in a bikini.

The advent of puberty and adulthood brings with it, complications such as emasculation of hair around these areas, which is sometimes considered disgusting by many people. This therefore, necessitates the need to shave this hair. There are several ways to go about the shaving process but you can quickly get rid yourself of pubic hair by following this procedure for the best pubic hair shaving experience.

1. How to Shave the Groin starts by purchasing a pair of scissors, shaving razor and shaving cream, preferably feminine shaving cream.

2. Using the scissors, start by clipping as much hair as you can with the pair of scissors; this will reduce the amount of hair that needs razor blade scouring.

3. Proceed and soak the pubic area in warm water for approximately three minutes before getting out of the water, so that the skin gains normalcy.

4. Apply a generous amount of shaving cream; for females, perfumed shaving cream is recommended while for the males, the un-perfumed cream would suffice.

5. Using the razor, start shaving the area, pulling the skin tighter as you shave gently. A razor tilt of approximately 30 degrees is always recommended.

6. After the whole pubic area is clear of all hair, proceed and wash the genitals and the shaven area with lots of warm water and soap.

7. Once the area is cleaned, dry it with a clean towel before applying aftercare like baby oil, among other forms of mild aftershave medication.

Shaving the private parts is one of the best experiences that can be experienced, according to most psychologists. Some of the benefits one enjoys for trimming the pubic hairs include:

1. Pronounced penis size in males which has tremendous effect on the self esteem in males at the time of sex.

2. Better pubic area hygiene in both males and females.

3. Sometimes it is important as it reduces the amount of odor from the genital region, especially among females.

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