Back Shaving

Back shaving

Back hair can be a big issue for many people all over the world. Back hair is a genetic event, which is controlled by individual hormones. Occasionally, since back hair is rarely considered a beauty or attractive accessory, it has to be removed from time to time. There are several tools on the market that can help you trim if not cut hair to manageable levels.

Procedure of cutting back hair

a) Start by washing the back in warm water and soap to moisten the hairs and to remove extra dirt and oils from the skin.

b) Leave the back for a few minutes to allow the hair to dry. In the meantime, observe the grain of the hair on the back, purchase a high quality safety razor, clipper or scissors if the hair is very long. You may also seek the help of someone else to help you with the blind spots.

c) Continue and clip any long hairs on the back; however, if your back hair is short hair, your back does not require trimming with scissors or clippers.

d) Proceed and apply shaving gel. There are several shaving gel brands on the market, but a perfumed one is always recommended, since this is a fairly long and intense procedure.

e) Using the standard safety razor, start by shaving in the direction of the grain in terms of the hair growth. The angle of blade tilt should be approximately between 30 and 45 degrees. Also, avoid the tendency to stay in one place for long since it may cause irritation and discomfort on the skin.

f) After you’re done with most of the body, wash off your shaven back in running water and wipe yourself with a clean towel.

g) Finish off by applying aftershave to reduce the instances of shaving bumps and skin irritations.

Advantages of shaving the back

Shaving the back hair comes with a myriad of importance. Some of them include:

a) It promotes healthy grooming in the sense that it rids the body of any unattractive back hair.

b) Shaving the back reduces bad odor that is associated with sweat soaked in a forest of hair, and this has tremendous effects on the social effects in the person involved.

c) It also improves the back muscle definition, as it exposes the real back muscle shape, improving an individual’s attractiveness and esteem.

d) Back shaving also helps prepare surgery sites in surgical operations performed on the back.

Trends and developments affecting back hairs

Given the relevance of back shaving to normal life, its relevance in modern day is emphasized by more sophisticated methods and technology, aside from the regular shaving razors. The industry has seen tremendous growth with many people supplementing the shaving process with exfoliation, and other new trends to keep their back hair in check.

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