Get Hair Back

Get hair back

Most people go through life not knowing how to treat their receding body hairs, on any vital parts of their body. There are probably a myriad of reasons as to why people lose out on their hair. Some of the most common ones are listed as:

a) Aging

b) Diseases procedures such as chemotherapy

c) Malnutrition

d) Hereditary hair loss mutations and

e) General ill health

Evidently, most of the reasons as to why people lose hair are genetically linked or happen naturally. Since hair growing is a genetic thing, it is also very important to dispel all the myths you have on growing hair. Some of the popular myths about growing hair include:

1. Shaving hair triggers growth

This is generally a misinformed theory of hair growth and should be dispelled because; only your genetics have anything to do with your hair and how it grows.

2. Shaving your hair makes it healthier and darker

This is also another misconception about hair and should also be expelled. This is because, hair, like all other body features is a product of good nutrition and care hence cannot be grown healthy by mere shaving.

This therefore, presents the dilemma faced by most of the people losing hair, how do I grow my hair back? Well depending on how you’re losing that hair, and your sex, there are several tips that may help you grow your hair back. These include:

1. Good Nutrition

Since hair is a factor of a normal functioning human body, maintaining good nutrition can go a long way in ensuring that you always observe the highest standards of nutrition. The nutrient that is vital for your hair in particular is vitamin A which can be found in your regular fish dish, cod liver oil, and so on.

2. Nutrient and beauty supplements

These are also common nowadays. They are generally available at most retailers, beauty shops and online retailers. One of the most important brands that promise to give your hair a new lease of life is the Wild Growth Hair Oil. According to the manufacturer, this oil product is made from natural ingredients that promise to grow and maintain your hair into a luxuriant forest!

3. Shampooing

This is also very important if you’re to keep your hair growing. Shampoo unclogs the hair veins and follicles, helping rejuvenate hair where it is lost. There are several brands of shampoo currently on the market, including Hair Loss/ Regrowth Shampoo, which has active ingredients to cater to your hair loss. This shampoo is also made with factors that clear the scalp, promoting hair growth in places where it had died away. This shampoo guarantees faster hair rejuvenation and growth.

Generally, looking after your general health, reducing stress levels and eating healthy are the best ways to avoid treating hair loss. This is because, although many medical solutions are available, treatment should always be the last resort and also because hair loss is mostly genetic and response to synthetics may not always succeed. However, if the inevitable happens, worry not, since there is always a solution for growing it back.

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