Straight Razor Shaving

Straight Razor Shaving

Straight razors were one the principle methods of shaving. These foldable razors have however been largely replaced by the more efficient and light weight, safety razors & cartridges. Although their use is at an all time low, they still remain legendary among a section of shavers, for their effectiveness and clean shaves. Their importance cannot be overemphasized since; straight razors marked a remarkable step in technology, during the barber shop culture that shook the world around the 17th century, and onwards.

How to Do Straight Razor Shaving

1. To shave using the straight razor, start by purchasing a suitable straight razor, from you local razor store or from a reputable online retailer.

2. Proceed and wash your face with adequate warm water and soap. This will open up the hair follicles and pores to ease the shaving process. Washing with warm water also removes any impurities, oils and dirt on the skin, which reduces bump instances after shaving is done.

3. After the shaving site has been washed with warm water, wait for approximately 3 minutes before applying shaving cream. Shaving cream is generally available and reduces the friction or paring pain that would result, if the hair was shaved without it. Mildly perfumed shaving cream is recommended for a fresh shave.

4. With the hairs covered in shaving cream, open the straight razor from its fold; pass it across the shaving cream in a gentle but steady stroke, cutting the hair. Ensure you do not apply too much pressure on the razor as this may increase opportunity for injuries and bumps.

5. After the first stroke is cleared, wash off the cut hair and cream to identify the remaining hair patches. Once these patches are identified, reapply shaving cream and repeat the shaving procedure. For the straight razor, the recommended shaving or incline angle for the blade is between 30 degrees and 45 degrees, depending on the shape of the face or shaving surface.

6. Once the shaving is over, wash the shaven surface of all hairs using water, soap and any form of skin antiseptic. You may also need to apply some after shave cream on the shaven surface.

7. The last and most important part of this process is cleaning and storing the straight razor. According to experts, the most convenient way to do this is by washing the blade in running tap water, wiping with a clean towel; before applying some polish to protect it from rusting. Folding the straight razor into its pod can also protect the sharp edge as well as protect it from contamination.

Importance of Straight Razor Shaving

The straight razor is not your average shaving razor. According to most users, the importance attached to this razor is the whole shaving process. Most of them mention the masculinity, danger and efficiency as their biggest motivation to use it. Hover, the straight razor must also be kept sharp, for best results.


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