How To
Sharpen A Razor

How to sharpen a razor?

Razors used for shaving are generally bought already sharpened. However, over time they tend to lose their sharp edge and hence their usefulness. When this happens, the use of these razors for shaving has several disadvantages that will affect your body and your health. Some of the negatives, which results from the use of dull or unsharpened razors include:

1. Increased susceptibility to infection if the razor sharpness is dulled by rust and dirt

2. Razor bumps and cuts

3. Painful shaving process

4. Poor workmanship in terms of the shaving process and result.

Since having razors that are not well sharpened has various disadvantages, sharpening the shaving razor becomes very important.

To Sharpen a Razor

a) Purchase a high quality razor sharpener from your local store. I would recommend the Save a Blade Automatic Razor Sharpener. This razor sharpener is specifically made to sharpen a razor blade and comes in different shapes to suit your razor sharpening needs.

b) Select an angle that is suitable, according to the make of your razor. On average, the incline angle should be 30 degrees on the slant side and about 17 degrees on the other side. To get the angle right on the sharpener, you may need to have an angle guide to help you manage the slants.

c) Check your razor manufacturer’s guide to razor blade lubrication and appropriately lubricate the razor before you start the sharpening.

d) Start sharpening the razor by pushing it lightly on the sharpener, carefully maintaining the slant angle as you proceed. You may need to have a rubber piece to gauge the razor’s sharpness as you proceed.

d) Do the same for the other side and finish by polishing the cutting edge of the blade and wiping off the lube.

Generally, the razor sharpening procedure is simple if done according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Another point to note when sharpening razors is maintaining alertness during the sharpening process to avoid accidents and cuts that only take a split second to happen.

Although sharpening can save you a lot of money in subsequent blade replacement and in the purchasing the expensive disposable razors, it is also important to prevent razor blade dampness. This can be through either proper maintenance practices as well as proper storage. The means to help maintain razor sharpness for longer periods of time include:

1. Keeping the razor blade lubricated helps keep off rust, which dampens the razor blade edge.

2. Avoid storing the razor blade in dusty places which have an overall effect that reduce the razor sharpness.

3. Lastly, always use your shaving razor only for the intended purposes to keep them sharp.


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