Laser Hair Removal At Home

Laser Hair Removal At Home

Make Laser Hair Removal Affordable by Doing It Yourself at Home

The high expense of laser hair removal, a permanent solution to unwanted hair, has put the procedure out of the reach of many. A number of new at-home products are coming to market, targeting consumers who want an enduring method of taming out of control hair, but need an affordable option. While preliminary reviews indicate that the do-it-yourself solutions are not as effective or lasting as the professional version, some of the devices offer a good compromise with acceptable results that don’t break the bank.

Since 1996, laser hair removal has gained in popularity, with more than 1.5 million seeking treatments annually. Because there are concerns about the safety of untrained use, it has taken fifteen years to find a way to bring the process into homes. The new tools are not perfect – yet – but it is expected that with continuous improvement, over time Laser Hair Removal At Home products will match dermatologists’ results. In the meantime, many are happy to give the gadgets a try, as an alternative to shaving, waxing, and other ways of temporarily eliminating hair.

As you examine your choices, keep in mind that designs vary, with some using lasers, others using electric current to damage or destroy hair follicles. All of the machines are based on heat generation, and so they require electricity and include built in fans to prevent a fire hazard. These products are FDA approved, and it is suggested that you carefully follow the instructions for correct use to avoid injury. Most equipment is meant to be used every two weeks for approximately three months, with a gradual reduction in frequency until you eventually only need to apply on an as-needed basis.

As with any new health or beauty aid, you are advised to consult your physician before starting any regimen.

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