Remington Shaver Company

Remington Shaver Company

Nearly 200 years ago, the Remington Company was founded and began making firearms, and nearly 140 years later they branched out and began making electric shavers; thus the Remington Shaver Company came about. They manufacture a large variety of shavers, epilators, trimmers, and razors for both men and women.

Selection of Shavers

Remington produces a wide variety of electric shavers including rotary shavers and flat shavers and they are reasonably priced and last a long time. The foil shavers have either two or three blades and produce close comfortable shaves because of the titanium coated blades that are flexible to the contours of the area being shaved. A great benefit to these is that they are reasonably priced.

The electric rotary shavers generally have either two or three rotary blades of titanium coated blades. They are flexible and pivot according to the contours of the surface being shaved. Most models also have a pop-up trimmer for trimming sideburns or mustaches. There are both corded and cordless models available with recharging stations.

There are also the synergy razors that have a specifically designed hinge built into the blade that pushes the blades into the skin, results in the closest shave possible. The head of this razor is also flexible which provides greater performance over the curves and contours of the surface. The blades are endurium-coated and are designed to stay sharper providing an even greater number of irritation-free shaves.

In addition to the electric shavers, Remington also makes a wide assortment of manual shavers. These manual shavers have two, three, or four blades for the most comfortable and closest shaves possible. Typically, these are available in multi pack configurations with two, three, or four shavers in each pack. They also manufacture a line of excellent disposable razors as well.

There are also a variety of epilators that many women prefer for removal of unwanted hair in addition to the electric shavers that are also specifically designed for women. Regardless of the need for hair removal products, the Remington Shaver Company manufactures a wide line of high quality hair removal products for men and women.

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