Herbal Hair Growth Supplement

Herbal Hair Growth Supplement

When people have thinning hair, there are several techniques that people turn to stop hair loss, and one is through the use of an herbal hair growth supplement. There are a number of factors that can effect hair growth, including health, diet, climate, and even heredity, and there are some supplements that can help promote healthy hair.

Herbal Supplements

Many supplements seem to help minimize hair loss, Green Tea seems to have an effect that blocks a specific enzyme that spark hair loss in men, and some theories add that it’s the anti-inflammatory components that help sooth issues with the scalp and help promote healthy hair growth. In addition to drinking the green tea, using the tea as a rinse for encouraging hair growth adds some great benefits to helping prevent hair loss.

Another supplement that can be added is Saw Palmetto Berries. Saw Palmetto is similar to a palm and it produces berries that contain sterols and beneficial fatty acids that appears to help reduce DHT amounts in the hair follicles and blocks the binding of the DHT to the androgen receptors. It has shown to be a great supplement for growing hair.

When looking at additional supplements, Stinging Nettles is an herb that has been used for generations in Europe as a natural tonic for hair to help encourage new growth. It helps restore the natural luster to the hair. To prepare the Stinging Nettle, the young shoots and leaves of the new plants are picked and cooked. The juice is then spread on the scalp to help stimulate the hair, and there is some research on-going to determine why this seems to be a reliable hair tonic.

Borage seeds are another source that helps prevent hair loss, and it is thought that the gamma linoleic acid is the component that helps prevent addition hair loss in those having male pattern baldness issues.

For people who are considering herbal hair growth supplement as a solution for thinning hair, or to stop additional hair loss, there are an assortment of herbal solutions that are available that helps.

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