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Personal Light-Based Laser Silk n Hair Removal System for Home Use

Silk'n Personal Light-Based Hair Removal Device for Home Use

  • Personal Light-Based Hair Removal Device
  • For Home Use
  • Developed for removing unwanted hair from your home
  • Long term hair removal
  • Disables hair growth using selective photothermolysis
  • Cost efficient, easy to use, and safe device
  • Customer Reviews

    This is a relatively painless way to rid yourself of unwanted hair. Follow the directions and continue with the treatments, and you will loses hair. It won't be permanent loss of hair, but it will appear to be, but only if you continue follow-up treatment with an on going basis. If you stop using the device eventually all of the hair that was lost will regrow. Unless you choose to use electrolysis, you won't get permanent hair loss with any other system. This doesn't work for everyone. Like other light based hair removal systems and laser removal systems, you need to have lighter skin with darker hair. If you are blue eyed with blond hair, forget this and use electrolysis which will be permanent. Or you can use waxing, epilation, or other methods of hair loss. But laser won't work for you.

      Frequently Bought Together
    • Disposable Lamp Cartridge
    • Cartdridges 3 Pack (2250 Pulses)

      SensEpil Hair Removal Unit COMBO PACK

      Silk'n Silk'n SensEpil

    • SensEpil Laser Hair Remover Combo Pack
    • Silk n Hair Removal System
    • Includes one SensEpil unit plus 3 addition disposable lamp cartridges for a total of 4 lamp cartridges
    • Portable device for home use
    • FDA cleared
    • Eliminates unwanted hair using the power of proprietary home pulsed light technology
    • Unit is safe and user friendly
    • Includes an instructional DVD, user's manual and quick start guide
    • Built in skin sensor
    • Customer Reviews

      This will work similar to other laser systems in that it removes your hair as long as you keep using it. It is not a permanent hair removal system, no laser system is. Plus, you need to have light skin and darker hair, or it won't work for you. The longer you use this, the less often you will need to do the treatments. But you will have to keep doing them indefinitely if you want to keep the hair gone.

        Frequently Bought Together
      • SensEpil ECO 3 Pack Lamp Cartridges for Hair Removal
      • Home Hair Removal Disposable Lamp Cartridges

        SensEpil Hair Removal Device

        Silk'n SensEpil Hair Removal Device

      • SensEpil Hair Removal Device
      • Silk n Hair Removal System For home use
      • Light based hair removal system
      • Safe and affordable
      • For long term hair removal
      • Provides full leg treatments in under 30 minutes
      • Uses Home pulsed light technology which is based on a synergistic combo of different energy types
      • Uses low optical energy
      • Built-in safety sensor
      • Customer Reviews

        This is much cheaper and more convenient than going to a salon. You will get the same results at much less cost. It does take several months to remove all of your hair, so don't expect to see much improvement with the first couple of treatments. You also need to be within the profile, that means you need to be light skinned and have darker hair, otherwise it won't work for you. Don't spend the money on it if you don't fit the profile. Also, many people think laser hair removal produces permanent hair loss, it doesn't. You will need to continue treatments to keep the hair loss. However, the longer you use this, the less often you will need to use it to keep up the results you want. But if you stop using it, you will regrow all of your hair back. Electrolysis is the only way to achieve permanent hair loss.

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        • Home Hair Removal Disposable Lamp Cartridges

          BellaLite By Silk'n: Professional Hair Removal At Home

        • BellaLite By Silk'n: Professional Silk n Hair Removal At Home
        • Silk n Hair Removal System
        • Provides you with long lasting hair removal
        • Get professional results just like at a hair salon
        • Use on your face, underarms, legs, arms, bikini, and more
        • Uses home pulsed light technology
        • Customer Reviews

          Provides semi-permanent hair removal. By that I mean that you will have hair loss which will not grow back, but you have to keep up the treatments indefinitely. However, the longer you use this system, the less you will need to use it. It can be used anywhere on the body you want to have no hair. It is more convenient and cheaper than going to a salon, and you get the same results. But, it only works if you have light skin and darker hair. Otherwise you need to use some other type of hair loss treatment. Do not use near the eyes, on tanned skin, or after exposure to the sun.

            Frequently Bought Together
          • Brand NEW 4 Silkn Home Hair Removal Disposable Lamp Cartridges
          • Silk'n SensEpil Refill Cartridge Duo

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