Hair Remover Laser Reviews

DM2050-A Avance Hair Remover Laser

  • DM2050-A Black
  • DM2050-A Cream
  • DM2050i International Version 220 Volts

    The Avance DM2050-A model provides 32 jcm2/second, is designed for home use and comes at a very reasonable price. Includes a one year warranty and all the supplies needed to get started immediately. Includes instructions to get even a total novice started off right away, and also includes tweezers, anti-androgen gel, lidocaine gel, carbon dye gel, and a pair of protective eyewear. Available in a version for the USA and Canada, and an international version that operates at 220 volts and comes with a European style cord.

    Avance DM4050-A Home Hair Removal Pen

  • DM4050-A Black
  • DM4050-A Cream
  • DM4050i International Version 220 Volt

    The DM4050 model Avance hair remover provides 54 Joules per cm2/second and comes with everything included that would be needed to do hair by hair work and detail hair removal.

    Avance DM6050-A Personal Salon Epilator Wand

  • DM6050-A Black
  • DM6050-A Cream
  • DM6050i International Version 220 Volts

    The DM6050 Avance Hair Remover Laser provides 96 jcm2 per second. Comes with a one year standard warranty, lidocaine gel and post treatment gels. Affordable enough for home personal use to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.

    Avance DM7050-A Professional Permanent Hair Removal Kit

  • DM7050-A Black
  • DM7050-A Cream
  • DM7050i International Version 220 Volts

    The Avance DM7050 provides 130 jcm2 per second and is designed to be used in salons. It is also affordable enough for home use if you want something a little more top end. Includes everything needed to get started and has a one year standard warranty.

    Avance DM9050-A Professional Salon Permanent Epilation Machine

  • DM9050-A Cream
  • DM9050-A Black
  • DM9050i International Version 220 Volt

    Avance DM9050-A Professional Salon Permanent Epilation Machine that provides 150 jcm2/second. This professional machine is suitable for use in a salon, and also for home use. A bit expensive for home use, but if you want professional results, well worth the money. This is a complete kit with everything needed including carbon dye gel, lidocaine, anti-androgen gel, tweezers, and complete set of instructions. Available in USA & Canada version, and also 220 volt international version with European style cord.

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