New Spa W808
Hair Removal Laser Review

New Spa W808 Laser Type Epilator Personal Hair Removal System

  • W808 Laser Type Epilator
  • by BNB Medical Inc LTD
  • Laser epilator Skin solvers
  • Diode Laser 808nm
  • Each kit includes revitalizing gels, cooling gels, instruction manual, and an adapter
  • Use for removing single hairs on legs and your bikini area
  • Will work light skin and dark hairs
  • If you want long lasting permanent results work the same area for 6 to 8 months
  • Aim the laser beam at the hair follicle located under the skin and not at the exposed hair
  • Shouldn't be used on facial hair
  • Advantage: Can be used at home
  • Disadvantage: Takes up to 9 months to treat all hair while in the active stage
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