Side Effects of Electrolysis

Side Effects of Electrolysis

When consumers are looking for effective methods of hair removal, electrolysis is oftentimes a great choice. Unfortunately, there are a number of side effects of electrolysis because it uses direct electric current that is delivered through a metal probe directly onto the hair follicle which in turn eventually destroys the root. It is generally time consuming because each individual hair must be independently treated, and it can take up to 30 sessions – making it somewhat expensive.

With Treatment Comes Side Effects

There are several side effects from the treatment of electrolysis that includes redness of the surrounding skin, which is the most common. For most people it lasts about 30 minutes but for others it can take a day or two. Topical antihistamines and aloe vera gel are often used to reduce the itching and heal the area more quickly. In some cases the electrolysis treatment causes small wounds or swelling – somewhat like a bite from an insect – and it can continue for several areas before subsiding. Cold compresses can help lessen the pain of the swelling.

For some people electrolysis causes small blisters that are similar in appearance to acne, and they can even bleed and eventually cause a scab. As people try to remove the scab before it is completely healed over, it often causes a permanent scar which can take up to six months after the treatment. In addition to the blisters, occasionally the skin around the hair follicle becomes discolored, either lighter or darker than surrounding skin. There are several treatments that have been found to be effective for returning the skin to the natural color.

Another side effect that some people have complained about is that electrolysis tends to dry out the skin; causing it to be flaky and itchy following the treatment. There are some effective methods to heal the itchy, red, swollen, blistered areas that are painful. Another good recommendation for alleviating the annoying dryness is aloe vera gel or a hypoallergenic moisturizer.

Even with the side effects of electrolysis many people have found that it’s still the most effective method of permanently removing unwanted hair.

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