Electrolysis Machine Reviews

Avance Electrolysis SDL-60-EC-A Personal Hair Remover Machine

Avance SDL-60-EC-A Personal Electrolysis Hair Remover provides 180 jcm2 per second. Primary use is for removing bikini and back hair. Units are available in black finish and creme finish. Includes everything needed to get you started, plus it comes with a one year standard warranty. Very affordable unit for home use.

Avance SDL-90-EC-A Personal Hair Remover

Avance Electrolysis SDL-90-EC-A Personal Hair Remover designed to be used for for bikini waxing therapy. Units available in black and creme finishes. Professional use machine provides 220 jcm2 per second and includes all the supplies and utensils needed to get started right away. Also can be used for personal use of removing your hair one at a time or for fine detailed work.

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