Rogaine Foam Review

Rogaine Foam Review

Rogaine Foam for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment

  • 2.11 Ounce - Pack of 1
  • 2.11 Ounce - Pack of 3
  • 2.11 Ounce - Pack of 4
  • 2.11 Ounce - Pack of 6
  • 2.11 Ounce - Pack of 9

  • Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment
  • Easy-to-Use Foam
  • 2.11 Ounce
  • Each can is a one month supply
  • Applies easily and will dry quickly
  • When used twice daily in clinical studies it regrew hair in 85% when used after 4 months when used twice a day
  • For men only, should not be used by women
  • Needs to be applied directly to your scalp twice a day
  • Contains 5% minoxidil
  • Foam is less hassle and is non-messy
  • 95% of hair loss in men is from male pattern baldness
  • The minoxidil reinvigorates your shrunken hair follicles which makes them larger and helps to regrow thicker hair over a period of time
  • Roagine is the 1st topical brand that is approved by the FDA for regrowing hair in men and women
  • It is the #1 dermatologist recommend brand for hair regrowth
  • It helps to reverse the progression of hereditary hair loss
  • To open the can grasp the top closure, twist and pull. Then apply a half capful twice a day.
  • Customer Reviews

    More expensive than the liquid form, but much easier to use. Also, it is quicker to apply and doesn't cause flaking on the skin. One of the best minoxidil products available. It does have an unpleasant smell, but if you blow dry your hair, the smell is minimal. Blow drying also gives the appearance of added volume to your hair when using this product. If you are just starting to use this, it will take about 3 to 4 months before you see noticeable results.

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