Graftcyte Post
Hair Transplant Product Review

Graftcyte Post Hair Transplant Complete Kit

GraftCyte - Complete Kit

  • Complete Kit
  • This is a system that is for providing post hair transplant care
  • Kit includes:
  • 7 x Moist Dressing
  • Concentrated Spray
  • Post-Surgical Shampoo
  • Post-Surgical Conditioner
  • Lamin Hydrating Gel
  • Travel Bag
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  • ProCyte Post-Surgical Shampoo
  • Iamin Hydrating Gel

    Post-Surgical Shampoo

    GraftCyte - Post-Surgical Shampoo

  • Post-Surgical Shampoo
  • Only to be used externally
  • Keep away from your eyes
  • Only use under the supervision of a health care professional
  • Mild cleansing formula
  • Soothing aloe vera gel
  • Uses unique micro-nutrient technology
  • Helps prevent the formation of crusts and scabbing
  • 4 ounce size
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  • Toppik Hair Building Fibers
  • Iamin Hydrating Gel

    ProCyte Concentrated Spray

    ProCyte GraftCyte Concentrated Spray 5.7 oz.

  • ProCyte GraftCyte Concentrated Spray
  • 5.7 ounce size
  • Ingredients include copper peptide
  • Manages a graft healing environment
  • Accomplishes this by cleansing, irrigaing and aiding in mechanical debridement
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  • Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex
  • DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Stimulating

    Post-Surgical Conditioner

    GraftCyte - Post-Surgical Conditioner

  • Post-Surgical Conditioner
  • 4 ounce size
  • Specially formulated to be used for hair transplant patients after their surgery
  • Ingredients include a patented copper peptide micro-nutrient complex
  • Donor and recipient sites are helped by providing a healthy scalp environment
    Frequently Bought Together
  • Iamin Hydrating Gel
  • ProCyte Post-Surgical Conditioner

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