Power Plus
Piranha Dynamo Shaver Review

Power Plus Piranha Dynamo pp-piranha Shaver

Power Plus pp-piranha Piranha Dynamo Shaver

  • Power Plus Piranha Dynamo pp-piranha Shaver
  • No more worry about dead AA batteries or rechargeable shaver with a dead battery
  • Anywhere you go you can have smooth shaving without batteries or an electric outlet
  • Recharges by manual winding or by using the powerplus charger
  • Includes the powerplus charger
  • Has 2 shaving heads that work individually
  • Features an integrated trimmer
  • Can also be charged with an AC charger
  • Replaceable quality shaving heads Power/charging indicators
  • Model number pp-piranha

    Ever run out of power and all you had left was to shave your chin or maybe your mustache? I have. It is a bummer. So out comes the old standby straight razor that my dad handed down to me to finish my shaving. Unless I am on the road and in a motel. Than I have to go down to the lobby and get a razor and can of shaving cream out of the vending machine. Well this shaver can remedy all of that. It is powered by recharging with a regular charger, the same as you probably do already. But, and here is the good part, you can also wind up the shaver and power it that way. No electrical outlets, no waiting for a full charge, just wind and shave. Give it shot, this is a unique and handy shaver at a great price.

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