Sunny Dual Voltage Shaver Review

Rechargeable SUNNY Dual Voltage Shaver RM-1900

SUNNY Rechargeable Shaver RM-1900

  • SUNNY Rechargeable Shaver
  • Dual voltage works in the USA and overseas with the option of 100-200 volts or 200-240 volts
  • Great for trips to Europe or anywhere they use 200 to 240 volts
  • Trimmer drops down with the flip of a switch
  • Trimmer can be used for sideburns
  • Accessories include a soft case which can be used for trips
  • Model Number RM-1900
  • Customer Reviews

    Great for traveling overseas or anywhere that they use 200 to 240 volts. It can be used in the United States and Canada also with our 110 voltage. Included is a travel case for easy packing in your suitcase or whatever. Includes a brush to keep your shaver clean. Has a trimmer for your sideburns also. Now, keep in mind that this is a very inexpensive shaver, cheap even. So don't expect it to operate and function like other shavers that cost much more than this shaver. Listed below are a couple of dual voltage shavers you might consider that would be more expensive, but also more durable and reliable.

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