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Profoil 17010 Professional Andis Shaver

Profoil 17010 Professional Shaver by Andis

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  • Profoil 17010 Professional Andis Shaver
  • Rechargeable and will obtain a full charge overnight
  • Enlarged foils that are Hypo-allergenic and made of micro thin titanium
  • You can rinse the machined cutters clean under running water
  • For your moustache, sideburns, and beards it features a precision slide up trimmer
  • Includes a charging adapter and a cleaning brush.
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  • AS-1 Replacement Foil & Cutter
  • 13430 Platinum Personal Trimmer

    17810 Profoil Professional Shaver

    Andis 17810 Profoil Professional Shaver

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  • 17810 Profoil Professional Andis Electric Shaver
  • Any hair or skin type shaves bump free
  • Clean up hairstyles: perfect for finishing short and close-cropped hair styles
  • Hypo-allergenic, microthin titanium foils glide over skin for irritation free shaving
  • Charging overnight will recharge shaver to full power
  • Trim beards, sideburns, and mustaches with the precision slide up trimmer
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  • 17130 Replacement Foil-Cutters for 17010 and 17810

    17130 Replacement Foil-Cutters for 17010 and 17810

    Andis 17130 Replacement Foil-Cutters for Andis 17010 and 17810

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  • 17130 Replacement Foil-Cutters for 17010 and 17810
  • Replacement foils constructed of titanium
  • Ultra close, ultra smooth shave provided by cutting edge technology
  • Enhanced performance with enlarged foil holes
  • Easy to remove and replace
  • Regular shaver maintenance made easy with easy lifting and washing

    Pro Foil Shaver Replacement Foil 17135

    Andis Pro Foil Shaver Replacement Foil 17135

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  • Pro Foil Shaver Replacement Foil 17135
  • Replacement foils made of real titanium
  • Cutting-edge technology for an ultra-close, ultra smooth shave
  • Enlarged foil holes enhance performance
  • Easy to replace and remove

    Battery For Andis Cordless T-edger # 69018

    Battery For Cordless T-edger #69018

  • Battery For Cordless T-edger #69018
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  • Wahl 5567-200 Ear Nose and Brow Dual Head Trimmer

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