Panasonic Lambash
ES-LV50-R Shaver Review

Panasonic LAMBASH ES-LV50-R Shaver

  • Panasonic Lamdash 5-Blade Shaver
  • 2011 Spring Model
  • Linear high speed motor operates at 14,000 rpm
  • Forged inner blades are at 30 degrees and are the sharpest blades
  • Battery indicator has five stages
  • This shaver is sold in Japan
  • Instruction manuals only come in Japanese
  • 1 year warranty which is only valid in Japan
  • the sharpest 30-degree forged inner blades
  • Model number Panasonic Lamdash ES-LV50-R
  • Fully automatic cleaning and charging
  • Requires power source of AC100-240 Volts
  • Automatic International Dual Voltage Conversion
  • Requires one hour to fully charge
  • Fully charged will give you about 14 shaves
  • Uses replacement foil ES9171
  • Uses replacement blade ES9070
  • Uses replacement set of foil and blade ES9030
  • Includes AC adapter, cleaning brush, shaver oil, and carrying pouch

    Panasonic LAMBASH Summary:
    This shaver has auto international dual voltage conversion. It is normally only sold in Japan, the warranty is only good in Japan, and the instructions are only in Japanese. Features include a 14,000 rpm linear high speed motor, 5 level battery indicator, 30 degree sharp forged inner blades, auto cleaning and charging. Comes with a carrying pouch, oil, brush, and an AC adapter.

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