Norelco 3405LC Shaver Review

Norelco 3405LC Corded Double Action Shaving System

  • 3405LC Corded Double Action Norelco Shaving System
  • Shaves hair below the skin level with the Patented Lift and Cut Technology
  • Has 45 lifters and 45 rotating blades
  • Razor heads have an extended life provided by the self sharpening blades
  • Define your mustache and sideburns with the full width pop-up trimmer
  • Shaved hair is captured by the hair chamber
  • Double Action Shaving System model number Norelco 3405LC
  • Corded operation only
  • Includes a travel/storage pouch
  • Customer Reviews

    Norelco 3405LC Summary
    Simple triple head design at an economical price due to not being rechargeable. Uses the Patented Lift and Cut Technology which will lift the hair so that it shaves it just below the skin level. This means that once you are done shaving, unlike most electric shavers, you will not have the feeling that you missed some spots because your shaver doesn't lift your hairs high enough for a very close shave. Features a disposable battery, so when it expires, just purchase a new one and replace it. Goodman's sells them at a very reasonable price if you have one near you. Or you can shop at Goodman's online also. Comes with a travel pouch to carry all your shaving gear.

      Frequently Bought Together
    • Norelco Razor Lubricant.
      4 fluid ounces of lubricant. Will enhance and extend the life of blades and screens by lubrication. Works well with all types and brands of electric shavers.

    • Norelco HQ4 electric shaver heads.
      Norelco HQ4 (Replaces 1915XL & 1915XR) electric razor heads, set of three. Fits Norelco electric shaver models: 5812XL, 5625X, 5426LC, 200SC, 300SX, Norelco 3405LC, 3601X, 3605X, 3801XL, 3805XL, 3865XL, 400DX, 410DB, 4601X, 4602X, 4625X, 4805XL, 4807XL, 4816XL, 4817XL, 4821XL, 4825XL, 482XL, 4845XL, 484XL, 4865XL, 486XL, 4885XL, 5426LC, 5625X, 500RL, 501RL, 505RL, 600RX, 605RX, 665RX, 700RL, 705RL, 710RL, 715RL, 720RL, 725RL, 750RL, 800RX, 805RX, 815RX, 825RX, 835RX, 850RX, 875RX, 885RX, 895RX, 900RX, 905RX, 915RX, 935RX, 945RX, 950RX, 955RX, 965RX, 968RX, 985RX, HP1318, HP1319, HP1327D, HP1328E, HP1328S, HP1337C, HP1601, HP1602, HP1604, HP1605, HP1606, HP1608.

    • Norelco Replacement Heads.
      Norelco Micro Action, Double Action, Lift and Cut and Rotatract Razor Replacement Heads: HQ4 (replaces 1915XR and 1915XL) For use with Norelco models: HP1608, HP1606, HP1605, HP1604, HP1602, HP1601, HP1337C, HP1328S, HP1328E, HP1327D, HP1327, HP1319, HP1318, 985RX, 968RX, 965RX, 955RX, 950RX, 945RX, 935RX, 915RX, 905RX, 900RX, 895RX, 885RX, 875RX, 850RX, 835RX, 825RX, 815RX, 805RX, 800RX, 750RL, 725RL, 720RL, 715RL, 710RL, 705RL, 700RL, 4885XL, 486XL, 4865XL, 484XL, 4845XL, 4825XL, 4817XL, 4816XL, 4807XL, 4805XL, 4625X, 3865XL, 3805XL, 3801XL, 3605X, 3604X, 3601X, 3405LC only.

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