Hair eRazor
Shaver by The Image Makers

Hair Erazor Shaver 2 set Pubic/body shaver

Hair eRazor 2 set Pubic/body shaver

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  • 2 set Pubic/body shaver
  • Ultra thin foil design
  • Titanium blades
  • Removable blade heads
  • Long life motor
  • Warranty for a period of 2 years
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries
  • Customer Reviews

    Shaver gives you very close shaves, and they throw in a free trimmer to boot. The trimmer is a bit touchy and might give you a nick here and there, but the shaver is top notch.

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      3 set Pubic/body shaver by The Image Makers

      Hair eRazor 3 set Pubic/body shaver

    • Hair Erazor Shaver 3 set Pubic/body shaver
    • Feather weight micro trimmer personal shaver
    • For the hairline, bikini-line, neckline, or below the line
    • Features a long lasting motor with titanium blades
    • Money back satisfaction guarantee for 30 days
    • Warranty for 2 years
    • For men and women to use on pubic hair, body shaving, head and face shaving
    • Can use rechargeable batteries

      This shaver will give you a better, smoother shave for the price on any personal shaver on the market. It has sharper and more durable long life motor titanium blades that are greener as they will last longer and therefore have less disposable waste for landfills. They are so sure that they have the best that they give you a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee along with a 2 year warranty. You can use this shaver worldwide as it can be used with 110 volts to 240 volts. Designed for both men and women to be used for all over your body shaving, including your head and face, plus that special area, your pubic hair. It will give you the same smooth results as waxing or shaving with a blade while gently removing your pubic hair. Also designed to have no lumps, bumps, shaver burn or any kind of skin irritation.

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