Gigi Hair Removal Cream Reviews

Gigi Hair Removal Cream - Depilatory For Face + Calming Balm

  • Gigi Hair Remover Cream
  • Depilatory For Face 1 ounce
  • Calming Balm .5 ounce
  • Face depilatory features a cooling cucumber and Aloe Vera cream
  • Face depilatory is designed for gently removing unwanted facial hair
  • Calming balm is provided as a post treatment
  • Calming balm is formulated with cucumber and aloe vera and is used to moisturize your skin and to return it to your normal chemical balance

    This is a two part hair removal system. First, you have the depilatory for your face hair in a one ounce size. Second, you get a calming balm as a post treatment of a moisturizer and skin restorer to its normal chemical balance.

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      GiGi Hair Remover Cream for Bikini and Legs

    • GiGi Hair Removal Cream for Bikini and Legs
    • Available in 1 or 6 quantities
    • Removes hair fast and effectively
    • Your hair stay gone longer than shaving
    • Kit contains a depilatory and a calming balm
    • Restore normal chemical balance and soothe your skin wit the calming balm
    • Easy to use
    • Dissolves your hair in a matter of minutes
    • Customer Reviews

      Reasonably priced depilatory for use on your bikini and legs. Works quickly and doesn't irritate your skin. Only takes a few minutes to remove your hair.

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        Gigi Hair Removal Cream For Bikini & Legs With Calming Balm

      • Gigi Hair Removal Cream
      • For Bikini & Legs With Calming Balm
      • Removes body and leg hair within 5 to 8 minutes
      • Formula is highly effective and gentle
      • Contains cooling cucumber and aloe vera
      • Soothes and calms your skin during treatment
      • Kit contains 2 ounces of hair removal cream, 5 ounces of calming balm, and an instruction booklet
      • Model Number 04450

        Eliminates body hair quickly, gently, and effectively using a cooling cucumber and aloe vera formula for soothing and calming your skin.

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