Avon Hair Removal Cream Reviews

Avon Hair Removal Cream Skin-so-Soft Facial

Avon Skin-so-Soft Facial Hair Removal Cream

  • Skin-so-Soft Facial Hair Removal Cream
  • Suitable for all types of skin
  • Easy to use and fast acting
  • Will leave your skin smooth and soft
  • Removes unwanted facial hair
  • Formulated with soy protein and willow bard
  • Only takes 2.5 minutes to remove your hair
  • Customer Reviews

    Very affordable and easy to use. Removes facial hair without causing any chemical burns. Most other products unfortunately do cause irritation and/or chemical burns. This product is rather mellow and works very well without overdoing it and providing irritation of any kind.

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      Skin so Soft Fresh & Smooth Hair Removal Cream

    • Skin so Soft Fresh & Smooth Hair Removal Cream
    • Model number 587-922
    • 4.2 ounces
    • Tropical scent
    • Less odors than other depilatories
    • Long lasting
    • Makes your legs silky smooth
    • Customer Reviews

      Removes your hair for around 10 days. Can be used on your back and shoulders. No irritation smell to put up with. Very easy to spread on and easy to wipe off. Your hair will come off easily without leaving behind any redness or irritation of any kind. Also, no ingrown hairs or red bumps to deal with.

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        Avon Skin so Soft Hair Removal Cream for Bikini Line

      • Skin so Soft Avon Hair Removal Cream for Bikini Line
      • 75 ml/2.5 fluid ounces

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