Conair Ladies Shaver Reviews

LWD375 Satiny Smooth Wet/Dry Rechargeable Conair Ladies Shaver

Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies' Wet / Dry Rechargeable Shaver


This Conair Electric Ladies Shaver will work wet or dry so you can use it while taking a bath or a shower. Also means you can clean by rinsing under running water. Features twin independent floating foils and cutters. You get 25 minutes of shaving with a full charge. Comes with a charging stand and an LED charge indicator. Get smooth close shaves with 2 full size trimmers and a pop-up trimmer. You get safe hair cutting with the 4 stage cutting system.

Infiniti LWD500CS by Conair™ Curvations Ladies' Shaver

Infiniti LWD500CS by Conairâ„¢ Curvations Ladies' Shaver

The Conair Model LWD500CS Curvations Ladies' Shaver features a 360 degree swivel head that allows for precise shaving. Has independent moving blades with the four stage cutting system, and a dual-sided integral trimmer plus twin independent foils and cutters. Also features a pop up trimmer. This rechargeable shaver will give you 25 minutes of shaving time with a full charge. Full charge is indicated with the charging LED indicator. You get a good grip with the nonslip rubberized finish. Can be used in the shower or bath as it is a wet/dry shaver, which also makes it easy to clean. Comes with a charging stand that uses 120 volts AC. Unit comes with a 5 year warranty

Infiniti by Conair LWD500CS Curvations Ladies Shaver With Pivoting Head

Infiniti by Conair LWD500CS Curvations Ladies Shaver With Pivoting Head

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    Infiniti by Conair LWD500CS Curvations Ladies Shaver With a 360 degree Pivoting Head. The head swivels to adjust to the contours of a ladies body to provide a close shave. You can also use in the bathtub or shower as it is a wet/dry shaver. Includes a charging stand, nonslip rubberized finish, and brushed stainless steel accents. This trimmer is rechargeable and will give you 25 minutes of continuous operation per charge.

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